Any Day Maids

Why would I want to work with a Personnel Service?

by anydaymaids - April 15, 2015

Personnel Services significantly reduce the cost of a house cleaning for the consumer, while maximizing the income of the domestic worker. This beautiful combination of factors helps reduce the underground economy. It’s a victory for the consumer, domestic worker, and the personnel service. Personnel Services work with domestic workers that choose to work with an “agent” to add jobs to their schedule and subsequently increase their income. The Personnel Service issues the domestic worker a 1099-MISC at year-end. Truth be told, without Personnel Services and Referral Agencies, many domestics would likely work for cash as so-called ‘private workers’ and increase the presence of the underground economy.  The best part is, the domestics are responsible for their work, ensuring there is greater accountability for the services provided. Customers tell us the quality of independent domestics is significantly higher than those of “employed” workers.